Keep your Favourite Room Cosy with single-room heat pumps

Heat up and Ventilate Your Favourite Room

Sometimes you just want a heat pump for one special room in your house. With more and more houses built in an open-plan way, this might be the kitchen/living/dining area where the whole family gathers to cook, eat and chew the fat.

Or you might want to turn your bedroom into your private sanctuary, with a single-room heat pump keeping the temperature just the way you like it for a good night’s rest. Our core body temperature is a key factor in helping us doze off, so it makes sense to have a heat pump in this room.


High-wall mount

This is probably the type of installation most of us associate with heat pumps. They’re a popular choice, being a versatile and economical option.

Many people prefer the “out of the way” feel of a wall-mounted unit. There are even slimline models for a more discrete appearance.


Looking for something a bit more inconspicuous? Floor consoles are a great option for you.

They’re also ideal for homes without the wall space for a high-wall installation. Their slim fit allows them to be installed seamlessly into your wall for a modest and discreet feel.

ceiling mount

What if you’re out of floor and wall space? Does that mean ruling out a heat pump?

Not at all. When in doubt, go up.

That’s right: Single-room or multi room cassette or ceiling heat pumps are mounted into the ceiling, ideal for small spaces. This type of heat pump is connected to the room through the roof space above the ceiling.

Ceiling-mounted heat pumps can provide air flow in one or up to four directions, depending on your climate control needs.

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