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Single-room Heat Pumps

An economical and energy-efficient way to heat one area in your house. A good option if you already have heating throughout the rest of your home. So which single-room heat pump should you get? Let’s look at your options.

multi-room Heat Pumps

Short on space? Try multi-room air conditioning. With multiple indoor units running off just one outdoor unit, these are designed for homes and apartments that don’t offer heaps of outdoor space.

Commericial Hvac Solutions

If it’s discretion you’re after, this is the way to go. Every room in your house will be effortlessly and expertly heated and ventilated, without the presence of a wall-mounted or floor unit.

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Make Your home a haven with quality heat pumps

Did you know New Zealand is the only country in the world where we use the word heat pump instead of air-conditioner?

And with our chilly winters and with such a high asthma rate, it makes sense that we would focus on the heating part. A dry, warm home is best for your respiratory system, helping you and your loved ones breathe easy. It also makes you less likely to get sick with a cold or the flu.

Some Heat pumps can also ventilate your home, providing relief during our long, muggy summers. Think of them as climate control units, regulating the temperature in your home, just like your body regulates your temperature so you can perform at your best.

And just like us, homes perform better for you when they’re circulated. A quality air conditioning system filters the air, getting rid of any pollutants that might be sharing your space.

An expert-installed heat pump could be your new best friend. Ready to meet your climate control system?


Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs are as unique as your home. Find out which option will work best with your space, budget and needs.
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