premium Home Heating is Easier Than you Think

Premium Home Heating is Easier Than you Think

Introducing the your bespoke modern-day heat pump solution. Ducted through your ceilings or under floor, this customised heat pump option is designed to provide the most energy-efficient solution for your personal space.

Our customers love that the system is concealed, showing only unobtrusive ceiling diffusers and grilles that fit in with their décor. You can get really creative with a ducted system, considering aesthetic elements like lining it up with lighting in the room for a cohesive look.

Temperature control at your fingertips

Ducted heat pump systems can be installed with zone control, allowing you to turn the airflow to different rooms on and off as needed. You have control over the perfect airflow to each area of your home. No more need to fiddle with with individual systems throughout the house – just set it to one temperature and the whole house will be warm or cool.

Ducted heat pumps can also be installed with a fresh air vent and filter, providing ventilation along with the heating or cooling functions. You can even turn off the heating and cool, running the system as a ventilator for those days when you need fresh air and don’t want to open the windows. And because it’s energy-efficient, this setting uses the similar amount of energy as an electric fan.

A custom made heating solution

Because we’re particular about providing you with the very best product, we custom make all of our own metal plenums – that’s part of the nuts and bolts of the system that helps ensure even airflow and air distribution throughout your home – just the way we like it.

Our custom-made plenums can be use to control airflow to different areas of your house as one end of your house may need more airflow than another.

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