Keep your employees happy with commercial heat pumps

No Job is too Big

When it comes to commercial heat pumps, we have the capacity and resources to do large jobs, backed up by expertise and experience. This means we deliver on time, every time.

Health and safety regulations are top of mind for us, which is why we partner with a dedicated team that comes in to ensure all health and safety measures are met.

Work with a Heating Solution Team

At HVAC-I, we don’t just install heat pumps. We provide an end-to-end service, designing a bespoke air-conditioning system for your unique commercial space. After installation, we’re there to maintain your system and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our commercial clients trust us to take care of their needs, from the design stage through to maintenance.

Rowing NZ
High-Performance Gym, Karapiro

We installed four Fujitsu ducted systems, along with five energy recovery ventilation systems. We managed to complete this job in six days, with between four and eight staff onsite. This allowed gym staff to set up conditions for athletes to heat-train in 30 degrees in order to adapt for overseas competitions. It also provides ventilation and air-conditioning for normal training throughout the year.

“The team at HVAC-I delivered for us, within tight times and a complex design.”

Trent Lawton, senior strength & conditioning coach for Rowing NZ

Multiple School Projects, Central North island

We have been working with the team at Te Timatanga Property Management for several years. Our goal is to give them the best service from install to maintenance. We understand that every school is unique and ensure we get the job done with minimal interruption.

“Jarrad and his team always deliver, from the consultation through to installation and completion phases. Their service is impeccable and professional, I strongly recommend to give these guys a go!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!”

Marsh Minhinnick, Business Manager, Te Timatanga Property Management

Radius Glaisdale Dementia Care Facility in Flagstaff, Hamilton

Collaborating with Fujitsu General NZ, we installed a fully custom-designed VRF system. Together we took care of the entire project, from design and installation to commissioning and now service and maintenance.

We went through a number of different scenarios to come up with a solution that met both the budget and client’s needs.

Greerton Village School, Tauranga

We installed 15 WiFi-enabled Fujitsu high-wall systems in the classrooms, library and office. School staff chose this option so each classroom can be monitored from the office. Heat pumps can be remotely adjusted as needed, to ensure they’re all switched off at the end of the day. We completed this job in six days, with four to five staff members on the job each day.

For a commercial Air-Conditioning System you and your employees will enjoy for Years to come, contact us now.

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