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Our quality, expertly-installed heat pumps help keep your home just as warm or cool as you need it for optimum comfort, year round. Find out which heat pump is best for you.


A ventilated home is a healthy home, keeping you and your loved ones breathing easy. See how our ventilation systems can help you stay healthy all year long.

Commercial HVAC Solutions

We’re the trusted heat pump provider for commercial spaces, with the capacity to do any sized job on time. Find out how we can f it the right system for your unique space.

Put The Heat on Your Home

At HVAC-I (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Installers) we know that your home is as individual as you are. So, naturally, are your heating, cooling and ventilation needs. That’s why we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. We take our time getting to know you and your unique requirements, then design a custom solution you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

We think of
our customers
as family.

We work hard to find the best and most economic option for you. It’s not about up-selling: It’s about you being comfortable in your home. Maybe that’s why we get so many customers through word-of-mouth references:
Our genuine care shines through.

We perfect
the details.

There are a multitude of details to consider when installing a heat pump – things like:

  • Where to place the heat pump for optimum effect and energy efficiency.
  • How it will fit in with your home’s aesthetic.
  • How to minimise the piping showing on indoor walls.

You probably also have questions about timeframe, price and even colour. Our experienced team thinks of it all, going through all your options with you.
We don’t need deposits for most installations and we’ll find a timeframe that works best for you.


We know how disruptive a building project can be. That’s why we work directly with your builder to schedule the best installation time. This leaves you free to continue life as normal.

When doing a new-build air-conditioner installation, we ensure all walls or roofs we penetrate are sealed correctly to ensure water tightness. Our technicians are trained to handle refrigerant and have the appropriate gear for this.


We take
care of health
and safety.

Safety is imperative. Our work is monitored by a health and safety company, and regular meetings ensure all safety regulations are met for our customers as well as our installers.

We thoroughly inspect all homes before installation, ensuring the heat pump won’t interfere with any other circuits or appliances. All electrical wiring is carried out by a registered technician.

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